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Universidad Mayor de San Andres (UMSA) はこの度Projecto YOSIの主導により、テクノロジーディパートメントにて英語の授業の開催を決定いたしました。



今回がProjecto YOSIとしても、そしてUMSAとしても初の試みですので、まだまだ改善できる点や今後どのように運営していくかなど、まだまだやりたいことが数多くございます。

未来のボランティアも同じように試行錯誤を繰り返せる、有意義な時間を我々Projecto YOSIとともに過ごしていただきたいと思います。

Builds-up from scratch

The department of Technology at Univesidad Mayor de San Andres aka UMSA has launched anEnglish course. And the teacher happens to be..... me. Lol

I assume if you volunteer as an English teacher overseas (meaning like Latin America or Asia etc),probably you would be just assisting local teachers, following their guidelines.

What I can do here is that I can literally create my own plans for the course from scratch.

Am I allowed to organize and arrange my English course however I want!?

What a privilege is that??

Of course just because you speak a language doesn’t mean you can teach it, so I gotta put a lot of work preparing each class.

However, being allowed to do a course freely makes it easier to decide what to do and how muchtime to spend on each topic.

Of course sometimes what I want to teach, what the department wants me to teach, and what the

students want to learn differ dramatically from each other.

You have to know what is needed and what aspects of English you have to teach. However, making up a course from scratch is such a challenge and such a blessing.

I hope future volunteers will experience the same as it is really really practical.

We are trying to get more room for volunteers so that they can organize what they want to do fromscratch like I did.



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