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私のUniversidad Mayor de San Andres (UMSA)での仕事は英語教師、ですが時々日本語の授業に行き、学生たちの日本語力の向上に向けお手伝いをしています。









このようなProjecto YOSIとUMSAとの関係がこれからも続き、そしてより強化されていくことを心より祈っております。

ボリビアの民族舞踊(フォルクローレ) Tinkuという北ポトシのダンス。




Helping Japanese Class

So my job at Universidad Mayor de San Andres is to teach English.

However, because I speak Japanese as well, sometimes I show up in class and do some stuff.

Yesterday, I got a phone call from the teacher for Japanese, asking me if I was going to be able to give a lecture instead of him in 1.5 hours.....

What a short notice lol that’s what I said in mind, but because the teacher is a really nice guy who always supports me and I enjoy teaching it, too, I decided to say yes to the offer.

In nearly 1.5 hours, I need to give a class... I don’t even have a textbook... I have no clue what they learned last week... etc

I went online, started surfing the Internet to find some interesting facts about the Japanese language I could possibly talk about.

I ran into some information on how to count in Japanese. Like, you have to use a different unit for different things.

With that idea in mind, I went into the classroom and there are about 30 students sitting already.

Then I saw one girl who won a scholarship and is going to Japan for 3 weeks with it.

Then I came up with an idea. What about teaching them how to ask for directions and explain how to get to places.

Yes, that’s what I did in class. I taught them some words and expressions like “right”, “left”, “go straight”, “where is ~~~”, and so on, that they would need when they are lost in Japan.

I had them do some activities and they seemed to enjoy asking directions with each other and learning how to explain directions.

You have to know how a language grammar works, and how you can use the language properly.

I want to teach both of them for my students so that they will learn faster.

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